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Pizza Di Napoli

Napolitan Style Pizza

Our interpretation of pizza napoletana is a double-baked dough made with carefully selected flours blend, loads, really loads of water and a very slow, long fermentation rise with the resulting pizza being topped only with the very best ingredients.

We are not saying we have the perfect pizza, but that is our goal, and it informs everything we do. Everything is about the product and making it better every single day.

Having said that, we can tell you that our pizza Napoletana is specially designed so that it tastes just as good when delivered to your home and eaten long after baking. It should also be perfectly possible to heat up in your own oven if necessary.

Welcome to try Pizza Di Napoli and please give us your feedback so we can be even better.


Visit Pizza Di Napoli


Stora Nygatan 44

040-13 79 00


Mon - Wed: 16:00-21:00

Thu - Sun:    11:30-21:00

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Kronobergsgatan 16



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Map Directions

​Customer Reviews

Absolutely phenomenal protein pizza. Napoli style. Very kind and charming pizza maker. Definitely 10 out of 10. ✨🍕 Super fast. Perfectly chilled Corona beer was welcomed. Glutenfree friendly.

Renato Salerno

Happy Customer


The best pizza. I loved kebab pizza and margherita (true pizza). So tasty, fresh, and the sauce was amazing. The staff is friendly and the restaurant has a beautiful decoration.

Karen Pedro

Happy Customer

I really like this concept. Is different enough that it is exciting to try. The staff were really nice and welcoming. And made our food in good time. Do yourself the favor of trying the food from here. I can highly recommend.

Nicole Oguchi

Happy Customer

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